Monday, December 13, 2010

The State of Virginia Files Lawsuit Against The Federal Government Challenging the Unconstitutionality of The Federal Healthcare Act

Here is a video that shows us the American Way! Go Virginia! Just click the title for the video. Yesterday I found out the Blogstar embeds don’t work.

Radio Rod Prediction:


“For almost 2 years, Radio Rod has been saying
the Obama white house attempted interpretation
of the Commerce Clause to mean the GOVERNMENT
can force Americans to buy, what ever they're selling
was unconstitutional.. Today; the great state of
Virginia won that legal argument on every single (42 page) point.
Keep Searching/Keep Finding
P.S. Radio Rod predicts a future
president of the United States of
America will be: Marco Rubio


I, myself, try my best to keep my religious views out of my public blogs simply for respect of other people’s beliefs. This is not one of my beliefs but I do consider it and how relevant it is. When the American people make that many internet searches on one term it gets me thinking………. a lot! Here’s a video of interest I found on Hauntings Television YouTube channel:

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