Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are you Domesticated? “Travel-trained: Americans take security with sigh”

John Galt
Activist Post
December 23, 2010

The latest all-propaganda piece to come out this week from the AP highlights the “sighing American.” You know the one — barely awake enough to see tyranny right under their nose (or feel it in their pants).


And it is all quite funny, you see, as the unusually long AP article compiled by a whole team of reporters opens with the threat of “explosive snow globes,” to illustrate the aw-shucks component to how wild and crazy air travel has become.  Luckily for the authorities, the 16-year-old potential terrorist holding the snow globe in question “bit her tongue and obeyed.”

However, the article is quite serious in its assertions that it is just a few fringe lunatics, like that Don’t Touch My Junk guy, who apparently enjoy their freedom.  Not the open rebellion that led to a TSA stand down during the Thanksgiving weekend.  Not the airports throwing out the TSA.  Not the increasing number of towns rebelling.  And certainly not the local police dispatched to airports with the directive to prosecute sexual assault by TSA agents. They also conveniently disregard the examples of psychopaths and pedophiles who have been found to be wearing the uniform of authority.  Instead, to one good American interviewed by the AP, “It felt more like a rubdown, than a pat-down,” Sure, and next time he would like a private show, not public.  Tell that to the screaming children.

The article goes on to reveal that despite the outrage at TSA behavior that has flooded the alternative media to the point that it spilled over into the mainstream, and the concerns by medical experts about the radiation scanners, more of both will be arriving in 2011.  Nor is there concern about the open announcement of profiling, as “behavior detection officers” will now be on the lookout for “suspicious travelers.”

Each of the lies and distortions throughout the article can and should be dissected, but what should truly be of utmost concern is not the supposed real terrorists; not the all-but-guaranteed false flag terror operations in the works; not even the fear of lost liberty.  What needs to be acknowledged is that “the machine” that has bought and paid for the mainstream media elite is peddling a clear message of how it views Americans.  They describe the persistent “shrugs” at the checkpoints, and announce that “once on board air travelers appear to be behaving themselves.”

Behaving: just like children . . . or animals.  With a smile and wink, your owners are announcing that you have officially been “trained.”  Now get in your cage.

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