Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA Has No Limits On Rights Violations

If you don’t like it, don’t fly. Those are the words of Janet Napalitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, earlier this last week as extremely distraught Congressmen, law enforcement divisions including several state’s District Attorneys, and an outraged public sat and listened with unbelieving ears. In the name of terrorism I ask you what are you willing to give up?

I try to sit here and calmly write this to inform you of the major violations taking place daily at almost every major airport in the country, yet, knowing I have family flying across country this Thanksgiving 2010, that task is almost beyond me. Victims of sexual assault were part of the first ones to make an outcry, literally, in public as tears and fear shocked their body while strange hands probed into parts of their spaces which only a spouse or medical professional (occasionally) are allowed to touch. They were not the only ones to be noticed in indiscreet mental, emotional, and yes even physical pain as these new “enhanced searches” continued to spite them saying a loud “NO”. People in wheelchairs and others who were flying home from surgery procedures and couldn’t walk, some could, but the pain they felt had the same effect as they were physically lifted then the enhanced search of their full body continued. The sorry excuse for humane treatment in these airports via TSA employees is enough to make the sanest mind make some sort of an outcry to try to stop this nonsense, stealing of human dignity, and rights. It didn’t stop with people being lifted out of their wheelchairs and getting “love pats”, as some government officials chose to call the intense violating searches this week, which is not a good blow to their career I might add, as they protested. What could they do? Not fly home after the new even more “enhanced” searches were put into effect? These people had no choice and no warning before boarding their second flight back home or to the hospitals and clinics.

I do not like graphic images but allow me to paint you a clear picture. The full searches that I’ve heard and read hundreds of accounts from went into effect in the past few weeks. Now not only do they touch your breasts and genitalia fully outside your clothes but inside as well with the exception of going into the underwear but even that has been reported recently. For the elderly most left in tears. The politically and corporation controlled media did not show all of the story. As usual it was very biased and gave only a tiny glimpse of the full truth of it. The TSA Chief stated that the full actual search could not be shown to the public or told to the public for “security” reasons. He clarified. Al-Queida might see the procedures and come up with a new way to sneak in bombs for terrorists fi they showed them to American would-be customers of airlines. I buy that as much as I buy that ocean front property in Arizona George Strait is constantly trying to sell.

One of the California District Attorneys said that he would dispatch police to the San Francisco airport and if they see a crime being committed by the TSA that they had full authority to arrest and bring the case to prosecution. He stated that if they touched you in any area with the genitalia outside the clothes that is a misdemeanor and inside, which is included in the new enhanced full body searches, that is a felony! He reported this to Alex Jones, a independent media reporter, earlier last week on his radio show at and

In a Prison Planet TV, Alex Jones exclusive interview with former Governor Jesse Ventura, Ventura stated for the first time to the public that he would no longer subject himself to the excessive security that results in his own pain from a hip resurfacing procedure every time he flies because his hip will set off the alarms every time and he has to endure the enhanced full body search. Not only that but as a loyal American that loves his country and has served it well in his lifetime as Governor and a Navy Seal in Vietnam he refuses to be treated this way even (especially) by his own government. Ventura stated that he flies three to five times a week due to the filming of his TV show “Conspiracy Theory: With Jesse Ventura”. “This may put an end to my career but it’s a stand I feel I have to make,” paraphrased from Ventura’s statement from the Prison Planet TV interview. The show may not go on for Jesse and his hard working crew. I will include the full video of this interview at the bottom of this post. Please watch.

I, personally, ask you what the hell has gotten into the American government’s views of its own citizens that they have to endure such invasive procedure? It has been admitted that the full body scanners (a.k.a “naked body scanners”) that take full naked photo scans of your full body do not detect the kinds of explosives that the TSA and other governmental agencies say the terrorists would have on them. So WHY do this to us I ask? It is curious and deceitful, quite frankly unlawful, that the head of security owned the company that made the full body scanners placed them into airports himself just before retiring from the agency and making a handy profit from the instillations at the airports. Also to note is that the company that makes the scanners themselves have admitted the scanners pose a major health risk especially in the form of cancer. What happens when you go to a doctor or dentist and they have to do an x-ray on you? These scanners are 100 times more potent than that x-ray you receive at the dentist or doctor’s orders and in the future may visit a football stadium or music event near you via mobile vans and also are reported to be already roaming the streets taking x-ray photos of the inside of your home to attain intelligence if you are breaking the law in any way via unmarked white vans. That is something to more than just raise an eyebrow at!

I have found an update on the police involvement in prosecuting the matter. Suddenly, as if by magic, the police officers will enforce something unheard of: They will assist the TSA in procedures that even they cannot legally do and keep their jobs, or as of a month ago could not, and will possibly fine you $11,000 plus a possible arrest if you say no to the full process presented by the TSA at these airport screenings.

Read these sources:,0,5604032.story


So, where line is drawn in the sand between our privacy and right to it and the TSA with their rigid, intrusive requirements? According to the Chief of the TSA in an interview earlier today on CNN’s State of the Union he stated that the line was ….. he didn’t answer. He mentioned the line is with us, the people, but backtracked and danced around the question. Ultimately there is no real legal or rightful line in the sand. He implied no existence of such a line they could not cross with us.

Our bodies and our minds are our own. No one should violate that. If we put up with that then we will allow anything. Take your rights back, America! They tell you when you buy that ticket that you gave up certain rights. Should that giving up of rights for security be followed by giving up rights to have your body touched only by those of your chosing and NOT any governmental agency or other agency no matter what the excuse is? As history will tell us a real terrorist will not be covert but will do something dramatic. Real terrorists want attention and most of all – credit for the damage they inflict! I doubt these smoke screen procedures that promise safety and loss of all rights and human dignity will stop a true terrorist at any airport. An idiot’s eyes can see why that is true if you go to an airport. This is not true security it is a smoke screen as I said. Don’t be fooled by illusions but face reality with true courage that helped sew the first American flag! Here’s a suggestion: Try bomb sniffing dogs with real police inside the airport instead of having them sniff cars with mirrors looking under them. That should take care of any threat that may be there and also protect each citizen’s privacy rights. Let’s get it right, America!


Prison Planet TV–linked above

“Protecting the rights of even the least individual among us is basically the only excuse the government has for even existing.” ~ President Ronald Regan

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.” ~ President Ronald Regan

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