Saturday, December 18, 2010

Police State and Biowarfare: How It Could Come About

Here is the two episodes I mentioned that I would post later of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory that summarize a master plan that is going to be put into action. It’s not a “normal” show. It is well documented. Check it out yourself. Do your own homework.

The scenarios that could bring about the FEMA camps I mentioned in a post last week are many. Here are some examples. Put the puzzle together then the vision will become clear. Research history most importantly. It is bound to repeat itself if we are not aware and stop it from happening.

Here are the scenarios that are foreseeable as of now that I put together:

A pandemic

A major natural disaster (see also his HAARP episode – youtube has it – HAARP does have weather modification capabilities and that is now declassified on record!)

The total collapse of the US Dollar – reference Pastor Lindsay Williams on this subject also – more to come on this in this blog.


Now just listen carefully. I’m trying to give you all the puzzle pieces I’ve found in almost 10 years of personal research. This TSA business is only one part of it. Watch.

Plum Island Part 1


Plum Island Part 2


Plum Island Part 3


Plum Island Part 4


Full Police State Episode

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