Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chain Link Fence of Tyranny.

Ok! In the last post there are a lot of connecting issues and they are very explosive when it comes to exposing some of this agenda. I’m using this blog as a journal also because I’m connecting more and more dots everyday. After 10 years of research into this and going back and forth believing and not believing then believing my eyes and ears again it’s time to get out what is going on between my ears. Here’s what my brain makes of this last post before this one and the one to come. Part of it at least.

Rex 84 – Double decker trains (Search out Rex 84 on youtube, you should be led to the trains also and the fact these concentration camp locations both today and in history all are located in close proximity to train tracks for a REASON. What you find may shock you.)

Here’s the links in this chain.

Rex 84 – FEMA – ICE – WW 2 Japanese Citizens in Camps – Nazi Germany and Hitler – Oliver North involved in Rex 84 under Regan – Iran Contras Scandal – CIA caught smuggling cocaine into the USA – WAR ON DRUGS – WAR ON DRUGS imprisons the most of all the prisoners in the Untied States – The Us holds 5% of the world’s population but imprisons 73-75% of the world’s prison population – mass coffin orders – biowarfare threat – we have already been placed under martial law but it was not enforced due to the swine flu pandemic a few years ago (level 6 pandemic meant full martial law, remember???) are we getting it yet? Later on tonight I will post where the United Kingdom, England, is going under full blown martial law right now. Some sources such as Lindsay Williams and others report that before it happens in the United States it will happen in and/or to England first or the UK as a whole.

At some point soon I will post warnings from some of our presidents of who is responsible for these things that are leading to these camps. For now we have to move on but bear in mind this puzzle that’s coming together.

9/11 – we need to take a very close look at that through every resource available. I know I use the show Conspiracy Theory a lot but that show holds information in most cases that is not available elsewhere, so I give you the source of the findings. I will also give you all the other sources I can find.

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