Monday, December 13, 2010


I will aid you a bit more on this homework because I know how busy people’s lives are nowadays especially with the “holiday rush”. I will tell you this, though, they want us to be distracted – too busy to do our own reading and homework to gain the knowledge necessary to understand who is in power in America today and what their real agenda is not to mention WHERE that agenda comes from. Some of it, as I said in the previous post, has already been written into law. I suggest you follow the leads I have given you and do the research yourself. This is the most serious matter that will ever cross your line of vision that threatens our country as we’ve known and loved it!


Oh no, a mistake by Mother Media! The Weather Underground comes out in anti-Obama campaign ad!



What are they full of? Hint: First word letter is “s”.


Ask yourself this: Is it ok for the law to break the law or defy the Constitution upon with they are sworn to uphold ever the “right thing to do”?


Here it is again that “Bottom Up-Top Down-Inside Out” Strategy. Reference Glenn Beck’s show.


Bill Ayers lied on “Democracy Now!”.



Well, count this as one time I agree with Savage!


Do we as Americans today know what is moral and right? Do we really know what we’re headed for if we don’t stand up now and take action?! There is a bad habit of those who stand against us now to mix a little truth in with a lot of bull, cloak, and daggers then hope it is invisible to us who still cherish our freedom but do we have the discernment to know what’s the “moral” truth or the “right” way? I think we do. WE THE PEOPLE can stand upon the shoulders of George Washington and our Founders with their Documents that ARE STILL VALID TODAY: The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America!! I know in our heart we know what is right and good and American and will make the right choices. I still believe in my country. I hope that every tomorrow I wake up to that this country is still as I know and love it for me and the generations beyond to enjoy.

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